Law and Practice Assignment

The topic must include a critique of the Law and Practice in one area of Child Care. Choose from one of these topics:

• Children and forced marriage

• Children and domestic abuse

• Protecting children in the court system.

• Children as carers

• Children as migrants (asylum seekers- refugees, smuggled or trafficked )

• Children in prison/ secure accommodation

• Children and Homelessness

• Children’s rights to education, truancy and / or school exclusion.

• Children in employment, Child work/labour


Learning outcomes: Please show in essay that you were able to:

1. Critically review the way in which the law constructs and understands the roles of children.

2. Critically appraise the way in which the UK and/or international political systems decide what is and is not relevant to children and the consequences of such decisions.

3. Explore in depth the way in which the intentions of the Children Acts 1989 and 2004 and other relevant legislation & policy are translated into practice.

Please review the learning outcomes, the uploaded document is my translation and interpretation of the learning outcomes, you can use this as a reference to help understand it better


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