Julius Caesar Assignment

1. Instructor’s instruction: Use a single primary source (a single ancient text) and write an analysis of that one source. The only material be considered in the paper is the evidence found in the chosen primary text. Find as many quotes from the chosen text as you need to support your thesis and ideas and offer opinions and explanations.

2. Chosen Source: Life of Caesar by Plutarch

3. Thesis is ready (written by myself):
“Gaius Julius Caesar, Rome’s all-time great leader, a significant general, politician, negotiator, and lifetime dictator in the Roman history, built up a solid foundation for the Roman Empire through his marvelous military achievement, remarkable reformation, and solid support from his citizens, but never got a chance to become a real emperor due to the jealousy and concerns over his raising power by other senators and his mercy to the defeated rivals which had led to his tragic fate of being assassinated.”

4. The instructor will grade this paper in Turnitin.com

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