Discussion and evaluation of model results

This dissertation explores how perceived enjoyment at different stages affects continuous use of mobile games, and what elements drive perceived enjoyment throughout the 3 stages (Pre-adoption stage, Adoption stage, and Post-adoption stage). Attached you can find the model results for the 3 stages (refined model results contain the significant constructs only, the original models in another separate attachment). Please answer the research questions based on the attached model results using relevant literatures:

1) How does perceived enjoyment influence continuous intention of using the mobile game at the three stages (Pre-adoption stage, Adoption stage, and Post-adoption stage)?

2) What drives perceived enjoyment at the 3 stages respectively? Are they more of hedonic motivations or utilitarian motivations?

In addition to answering the research questions, discuss how the findings agree or disagree with prior studies, you should also refer to prior studies to provide possible explanations for the findings of this study. This study consists of 3 stages (Pre-adoption stage, Adoption stage, and Post-adoption stage), so the results of each stage should be discussed separately for both questions. The writing should be clear and structured, the figures and tables I provide do not count words. It’s a pure discussion of the results so introductory texts are not needed.

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