Hypnotherapy assignment

you have to come up with a creative concept that may improv the business of dr butler ( the link to his website will be given). and the following steps to the product methodology should be followed.

Product Plan Deliverables (in the form of a report):


Target participants – young professionals (wellness, confidence and performance), future health practitioners and LOHAS (GenX and Boomers)
Target industry and niche – professional hypnotherapy training, wellness, performance (productivity and creativity), confidence and natural rejuvenation
Competition and positioning (perceptual maps) – shorter and cheaper, trust stamps, interact and keep, user experience
Marketing Mix
Creative concept – you can send to me for a quick check anytime
Marketing Process – channel selection & funnel creation

Primary and Secondary Research

When secondary sources do not provide straight or complete answers, we engage in primary research. Interviewing an industry expert, a target customer, a competitor, a stakeholder, a product expert (…) often times delivers the deepest and most relevant insight when conducting marketing research.

For all of the points below consider using Keyword Research and your Environmental Scan findings to back your arguments.

Tone of the report

Remember that every single one of the sections below is written as a proposal to the client; in other words, you are producing recommendations based on research and addressing the client directly.

1. Objectives

State the company objectives as defined during our interview with Dr. Butler.

2.-5. Research on target participants, target niche, trends and competition

You can refer to both the whole platform and your niche, but a focus on your niche is essential.

Determine what are the most valuable opportunities identified in your Business Case research and how they could be seized now that our focus has narrowed. Further research must be conducted for target participants, target niche and (possibly) competition (depending on which team you were in).

2. Participant research – I suggest doing more Keyword Research Week 1 – Keyword Research for Market Analysis and using the socio-demographic scanning tools relevant to online behaviour such as Consumer Barometer (Links to an external site.). Check out the tools listed under Weeks 2-4.

3.-5. Niche products, trends and competitive analysis – Scan your product category in E-commerce, Product and Trend Discovery Sites. Your findings will not only allow you to differentiate your product/service as you develop it, but also come up with an effective pricing strategy later.

Positioning statement and perceptual maps – Use the resources at the end of Week 3 and a perceptual map template to position your new product in a blue ocean. Map your product along with the top competitor products identified above.

6. Marketing mix (5 Ps) – Make recommendations for an effective 5Ps of Product-Based Ventures based on your findings. Use the Branding Exercise to work on the P for Product of the Marketing Mix.

7. Creative Concept – Bloom Brand Ladder (2013) How will your product appeal to your target segment? Present these persuasively by backing your statements with facts. Check out How to Build Bloom’s Brand Ladder (in-class exercise).

– attributes
– functional benefits
– emotional appeal (needs – check out Max Neef’ Needs Matrix) – visualising a commercial may help determine emotional appeal
– identity (societal + transformational = how does your product make the segment feel part of society or a particular cause)

Can you boil your creative concept down to a couple words that connect with participants emotionally? Does it encapsulate the personality of the brand?

8. Marketing process (7 steps) Make recommendations for an effective Marketing Process in 7 Steps based on your findings and conclusions. Mix the most relevant channels and create a funnel using the methodology covered in class.

additional files will be uploaded. (a report on the company an improvements that may benefit it)

link to website: https://hypnotherapytraininginternational.com


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