Formative assignment – Criminology

Formative Assignment (Due in xxxxx)
Essay plan (500 words maximum) – identify a crime problem of interest to you and assess in terms of media representation and criminal justice responses.
Important: Though this assignment will not receive a formal mark you will receive feedback from your tutors and as such it is important for you to take this seriously. Tutors cannot make comments on work where this is little to comment on.
Submit via Turnitin and a physical copy to Bridge House
a) Identify Title as a question
b) Write a brief introduction outlining proposed structure of argument
c) Identify list of questions that your essay will need to address (tie to a-e in Assignment 3)
d) Indicative source list and bibliography

Assignment 3 (Due in 02/05/17)
Essay on identified crime problem (2,000 words – 65%).
Submit via Turnitin and a physical copy to Bridge House
Working from your essay plan students should produce a critical essay on their identified crime problem. Your essay should address the following:
a) Identify a crime problem and explain why particular problem has been chosen.
b) Define issues relating to that crime problem in terms of severity, frequency and social harms
c) Imagery in the media – your essay should assess critically the various imagery in the media that relate to that crime problem and discuss in terms of agenda, framing and perception
d) Criminal Justice response and problems – discuss how the criminal justice system responds to the crime problem and critically assess the issues that relate to that response
e) Solutions (if any) and recommendations

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