Contemporary Issues in Advertising & Marketing

Part B Academic Essay – 85% of the assessment approx. 3000 words.
The assignment is intended to provide a coherent critical overview the work you covered in the term, and focus on one theme or theme overlap that you have researched and analysed in depth. You will be expected to write an individual academic essay of 3,000 words on the pre-agreed topic (form 1) that you found most interesting and stimulating; possibly including a seminar that you led.
Your paper should demonstrate that –
• you have read the key papers/readings
• you have independently found relevant papers/readings further than those provided
• you are working to understand them
• you have identified and can explain the key ideas
• you have benefited from discussion in seminars and possibly online
• you can develop your own ideas and conclusions from your reading
• you demonstrate critical thinking, issue synthesis and analysis and insight regarding the implications of all above criteria for Marketing Communications

As stated and expanded in the proposal that I’ll submit following the order, the two arguments to the bottom of this paper are 1) Arts Marketing Communications and 2) Technology and Marketing Communications with an exploration of how they reciprocally fit and possibly facilitate communications. This essay should explore the way social media – being already a powerful tool for self-expression and provided with several multimedia tools – behave as powerful tools for emergent artists as they do for businesses. In order to determine what said above the essay should examine the fit between features and benefits of social media marketing and emergent artists needs in the framework arts marketing communications.

The essay should consider issues such as the refusal by some artists to use marketing practices in their work because of the “misfit” between the orthodox view of marketing and the art practice’s values.

The essay should include primary (informal) research in order to develop insights to support/expand the arguments. A list of references and suggested ref list for future assignment development are included in the proposal that, I need to apologise, isn’t wonderfully written. I’ll be of support when needed for the understanding of what I wanted to explain with it. I also received brief face to face feedback on the proposal that I will be happy to share after the submission of the proposal.


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