Concept Paper – The efficacy of the USA Patriot Act’s Anti-Money Laundering Provisions in tackling financial crimes.

The efficacy of the USA Patriot Act’s Anti-Money Laundering Provisions in tackling financial crimes.
The USA Patriot’s Act stands out as among the most significant pieces of legislation against financial crime. Its enactment brought about a series of stringent regulatory controls on financial services providers and thrifts while also strengthening enforcement efforts in the industry. However, the extent to which the Act has succeeded in tackling cases of financial crimes is questionable. Reports emerge that cases of money laundering, fraud, and related financial crimes have continued to increase despite the existence of these legislation. This paper seeks to examine the effectiveness of the Act in reducing cases of financial crime in the country.
Above is the approved Capstone Project topic
The next step is to write a Concept Paper. This is where you attempt to solidify the topic of your capstone project by expanding what you talked about in that paragraph you wrote. This paper should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, and it should include 1-2 references (cite while you write, in the paper and in the References list!). Do not include a cover page; type your name and “Concept Paper” (without quotation marks) at the top of the first page and start your first paragraph on the next line. The References list at the end containing a full citation of the reference cited in your text can be at the end of your Concept Paper text or at the top of the next page; attempt to follow APA formatting for both the in-text and full citations.
This paper should provide the basic descriptive information about what you want to write about and why it is important. Include at least one paragraph on the problem you want to examine and at least one section on the purpose of the paper (what you want to examine, any specific research questions you may have, and why it’s important to examine the problem). Be sure to write this paper using proper grammar and punctuation, and try writing strong paragraphs using the MEAL Plan. You will continue to expand this into the Introduction section of your capstone paper. Once a plan is approved, I will submit next order for 30-50 page paper, and you will start writing the Introduction (Intro) section.

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