Administrative law Assignment

The subject is Constitutional/Administrative law
– Question is on the file attached
– relevant readings and materials are on the file attached
– Essay is based on UK law
– Please use cases, statutes, articles to support answers – Footnotes are required (add page number for books)
– reference style is OSCOLA
– Every statement or assertion must be accompanied by a reference to a statute, a judge’s judgment, a commentator’s article or to a leading textbook
– bibilography is required (author’s surname is given first, followed by a comma and the forenames and/or initials according to how the author’s name appears on the title page book of the book)

essensial readings of book is Timothy Endicott, Administrative Law 3rd edn (Oxford, OUP, 2015) chapter 4,5,6

Carry out the following task, drawing on relevant case law and academic sources:
A senior civil servant in the Home Office is concerned that officials lack awareness of the principles of judicial review that may impinge on their work. She is creating an online resource for officials to consult. You are a legal adviser in the Home Office: you are allocated the task of writing the entry on ‘unreasonableness’. Write this in a way that will enable non-lawyers to understand the key features of the law and how these are likely to apply to those involved in administrative decision making. List case law and academic sources used in your bibliography (these do not count towards the word limit).


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