Psychobiography Assignment

I sent two files. Please read the name of newonereadthisone. Thank you.
Cite everything. No Plagiarism. Get the better score, need to follow the rubric.
The book I have to read is Just Kids by Patti Smith.
Instructions: Describe your analysis of your biographical subject’s personality, including each ‘level’ of personality. Provide evidence from the book to defend your analysis. Describe how the subject ‘operates’ as a function of these personality levels, how their levels combine together to explain important parts of their life, and how their personality can help to understand how their life unfolded.
FOR Psychobiography #5 “ When is talks about layers it refers to Traits, Motivation/Interests, & Narrative”
[Layer 1 = Traits; Layer 2= Motivations; layer 3= narrative]

Goal: provide an integrated assessment of your subject’s personality by discussing all 3 levels we discussed in class (traits, motivations/values, life story/narrative identity) and describing how they explain important parts of the subject’s life. Demonstrate your knowledge of the course material by applying it to your participant.

You should: discuss all 3 levels and describe each level accurately; acknowledge any inconsistencies across the levels of personality; describe any important developmental changes in the person’s personality (how they changed over their life); describe how the levels of their personality work together (in cooperation or in interaction) to explain important events and relationships in their life.

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