Starbucks: Forbidden in the Forbidden City Assignment

Read “Case 3-1 Starbucks: Forbidden in the Forbidden City” and then follow the guidelines below, answering the Part I questions and summarizing the case in Part II. Submit the both parts in a single document by Sunday of at 5: 30 pm CT.

Case 3-1- Starbucks: Forbidden in the Forbidden City
Part I. Case 3-1-Why is China, traditionally a non-coffee drinking Culture, an important market for Starbucks? (100 points)

Complete the discussion questions for the Case Analysis. Your analysis must be divided at least in three main paragraphs.

Your first paragraphs should identify three main factors/reasons that make china an attractive market for Starbucks.
The second paragraph will specifically explain why it is important for Starbucks to expand from North American market to China. Give full rationale with supporting remarks/.
Finally assess the Chinese market; you must refer to Chinese lifestyle trend choices and how these choices will positively impact Starbucks. The lifestyle of Chinese youth and affluent professionals should be seriously considered while conducting your analysis. Statements made must be fully documented.
Part II. Case Summary – Summarize the Starbucks Case (75 points)

The case summary is not a case review so your view will not be necessary. Identify and summarize the main points of the author(s) in a paragraph or few words.

This assignment allows students to demonstrate the analytical, integrative, critical thinking and problem- solving skills. Your work should reflect graduate work standing with smooth flow of ideas. Statements must always be supported by facts. Write to show what you have acquired in this marketing course and avoid misusing the personal pronoun “they” and the possessive pronoun “their” when referring to Starbucks. It will be preferable that you use “it” and “its”, respectively. Understand that deep analysis is required for this case analysis assignment.

Do not just write what you want to write, but you must be able to answer specifically the question that is asked in well-organized manner following the guidelines.

You might wish to review the following 2006 paper I have copied below;

Strategies for International Product Introduction: Starbucks DoubleShot© Meets Mexico.

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