Policy paper assignment – Optimization of work field and absorption of Local Manpower Based on foreign direct investment in Indonesia; Case study Chinese illegal worker.

Please do write a policy paper with table and content, abbreviations(with tables) i will give example and all..I want this to be written tidiy because this is my policy paper (term paper) for master degree. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTS I UPLOADED SO YOU DONT MISLEADED. PLEASE DO READ IT CAREFULLY BECAUSE THE OTHER DIDNT. and pls do create chart, tables, impact i will give you examples of externalities and economic analysis of law, regulatory impact assessment in the documents of EAL project.pdf i attached. you can see there, but only the regulatory impact assessment, of previous law and the new law that will be proposed. Pls also read what and how margin and style should be in the attached documents. PLEASE DO AGREE TO 0% PLAGIARISM.

If you want to research, pls do research based on my information that I gave you. Don’t research too broad, have to be same topic and connected to what i wrote in the attached draft or below. Make it very narrow because this is a policy paper.


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