Human resource Assignment

Assignment Task – Learning Outcome 1

Assignment Task Examine the Professional Map at CIPD-HR- Profession – Profession-map (ctrl+click to go to website). Alternatively use this link : sion/profession-map/

Question 1
Critically discuss the extent of FOUR of the behaviours (Profes- sional Map) are important for effective HR Professionals. With
the use of example provides your reasons if you agree or disagree.

Students are expected to view the behaviours in the professional map which are: Curious
Decisive Thinker, Skilled Influencer, Personally Credible, Collab- orative, Driven to Deliver Courage to Challenge, Role Model.

Students are expected to discuss how theses behaviours might be important for HR professionals to be effective. Students are ex- pected identify if theses behaviours are more suited to senior HR roles and the extent to which the behaviours perceived as most important may vary according to organisational context Student are expected to evaluate if one individual needs to demonstrate all these capabilities or should it be shared across the HR team

Question 2
Evaluate the TWO key differences between the competencies identified by Ulrich (2016) and those identified by the CIPD. Students are expected to review the CIPD professional map and discuss by identifying the differences between the competencies Ulrich developed and the one CIPD has developed.

Students are expected to identify Ulrich model as a focus on the roles of HR professionals and what HR needs to do, whereas the CIPD map identifies how to do it. Students are expected to pro- vide useful examples of these differences in context of an organi- sation

Reading materials to support your work:
Role Call – David Ulrich agement/b/weblog/archive/2013/01/29/rolecall-2005-06.aspx Powerpoint presentation by David Ulrich et el (2016)
1.file:///F:/file954_pt%20David%20Ulrich.pdf 2.https://c.ymcdn.- com/sites/ HRCompetenciesBusinessPartneringfromtheOutsideIn.pdf

Video link competencies-hr-needs-for-todays-challenges/


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