LSE; Urban and Policy planning assignment

Each essay should contain a 1.500 word Executive Summary that covers the following areas:
• Area description – including map and demographics
• Brief analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
• Specific problem explored by the report
• Suggested interventions
The rest of the 3.500 words should be dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the problems and interventions raised in the executive summary. Candidates may wish to explore the problems presented through any of the themes discussed in class including but not limited to: 1 Urban regeneration 2 Localism and community empowerment 3 Urban Spectacles 4 Urban InformalityThis course provides a synthesised approach to the analysis of urban policy-making and plan formulation. Here you will have the opportunity to put your knowledge of urban and social theory to work in a practice-based project. The emphasis will be to apply the theory you have learned thus far to interpret a piece of planning policy in a London neighbourhood as part of a ‘team of planning professionals’. The lectures will serve as an aide to understanding the specifics of London planning policy and will also offer you insights into the debates and difficulties surrounding balancing the needs of the economy, the environment and society in urban policy.

Extend revision timeframe to 14 days as per terms and conditions

Please send draft for this order within 48 hours

Follow instructions and no extension for deadline

The following files are just examples to follow (do not copy):

Distinction_Old_Kent_Road_Jeanne_Charbonneau essay_example_from_previous_student_of_GY454_57334_RUPS

Follow links on ppt notes 1 and 2 files.

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