Digital Forensics Analysis report

I attached a report from Company X that should have highlighted the discovery of some large bit map or image files and some encrypted files that might be help
The scenario.
A small development company, XY, has the following computer use policy (in part);
1. Employees of XY should be aware that bandwidth for internet connectivity is limited. As such, we enforce the following;
1. NO downloads of ISO’s or installs of any type unless approved by your manager in writing.
2. NO downloads of and pictures larger than 2 MB (jpegs are strongly encouraged over bit maps as they are smaller, therefore no bitmap downloads).
3. No using company bandwidth to send personal data over 1MB
2. For security reasons all traffic is monitored on the network. There is no expectation of privacy.
3. Your system’s contents may be checked periodically to insure compliance to company policy. For that reason, data on hard drives must be unencrypted.
4. Failure to comply too the computer use policy may lead to a negative yearly performance review, or depending on the severity of the non-compliance, may lead to dismissal.
You have been asked by a Director of XY to scan several hard drives, and all appear to be clear of infringement with the exception of one. You produce an FTK report

Write a short (one page maximum) executive summery that explains your findings, referring to the FTK report, of your scan of the system in question.
Answer in your report the following questions (justify your answers)
Does it appear that the employee violated company policy?

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