Topic: Silas lapham, maggie a girl of the streets, and the house of mirth

I will upload a draft that needs a few changes. I will list the changes that need to be done, and the original instructions as well. Please read them carefully and do the required steps. Before reading the instructions below, please read the original instructions and the draft that will be uploaded.

As you could see, the paper is going somewhere and some of the instructions were followed. However, 1) the MLA format and footnoted are messed up, indirect, and incomplete – and the information retrieved from the academic sources are irrelevant. Also, 2) Instead of the books being discussed in the relevance to each other, each book/ author was discussed separately in some parts of the paper. 3) Most annoyingly, the quotes that were referred to from the textbooks are completely different than what was really on the pages, which is considered a form of plagiarism due to unreliability/ incredibility.

1) Regarding the MLA format and the academic sources: As mentioned in the original instructions, this assignment talks about 3 different texts and how they relate to certain areas and needs to include supporting quotes from academic sources as well. So, here is what needs to be changed: I was told that ALL the quotations needed to be direct, not paraphrased, and referred to correctly with footnotes. The footnotes at the end of each page have to have the full direct quotation with the correct page number (either the pages from the 3 textbooks or for the academic source research, so this applies for both). Anything you see on there that is not Silas Lapham, Maggie, or The House of Mirth is retrieved from an academic source to support the points on there. However, the sources that were used were irrelevant and redundant. I need ALL of these sources to be changed and that is why I requested a 2-page paper rather than editing or proofreading. I need the information retrieved from the existing sources (the ones other than the 3 textbooks) to be removed and to have something written instead that supports the information on there. They do not have to be long quotes as long as they can support and flow properly with the thesis. This paper required 5 different academic sources such as the CNN, University websites, LexisNexis, etc.

2) Regarding the discussion of the 3 books: You will notice that each of Silas, Maggie, or the House of Mirth is discussed individually, either in paragraphs or in sentences. In order to make the paper well-written, the thoughts on the paper would need to represent the thesis. The thesis is well thought, but the supporting details are discussed individually. What needs to be changed is the flow of the analysis; the ideas for the 3 books should be linked together within the same paragraphs or sentences rather than have them analyzed separately. Please put in mind that you do not need to introduce the text unless you have to. You need to assume that the reader of this paper has already read the 3 texts. Therefore, the first page that introduces the 3 books should be changed into something more useful and interesting (this part would not be counted as a paper since the information is already there). I am satisfied with the ideas of the paper and the thesis itself with the subheadings, however, not the content. At some points, there are good parts but not all of it follows the instructions.

3) Regarding the quotes from the 3 textbooks (Silas, Maggie, and House of Mirth): I am pretty sure that the quotes and the page numbers used there are inaccurate. Therefore, I would like them to be checked and changed if necessary. If you do not have access to the editions I have listed, please let me know and I will take a few pictures of each book and upload them in order for you to refer to. I would not want you to refer to e-books or any online websites that have different page numbers and get me confused.

Please highlight or underline all the changes that you make so that it can be clear for me to compare it with the draft. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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