Social and Economic Justice II class Assignment.

my assignment in my Social and Economic Justice II class is the following:

Topic is around North Carolina’s adults with intellectual disabilities (age 18 and over), their access to and needed supports for seeking:

1) healthy sexuality education

2) social and intimate relationships
3) reproductive healthcare (what is their healthcare risk of contracting reproductive illnesses?) and
4) sexual violence support.

This week’s assignment is a community needs analysis.

Provide an analysis of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in N.C., and their needs in detail.

The COMMUNITY NEEDS ANALYSIS must include the following components, using these headings for each component:


Define the parameters of your community in terms of name, size, borders, and population characteristics. (Note: Begin your research into your community by finding out facts about its residents or participants. Consult the internet using Policy Map and Census resources. Contact organizations and people in the community or outside the community that may have access to existing reports about community conditions or issues. Human service organizations and churches are also good sources of information.
Describe the community’s formal political structure, businesses related to the community (or a business plan), and human services, political resources, and economic resources in the community. (I will go in after you’ve written the paper and add some interviews I’ve done.)


Include both statistical and narrative quality of life information from a variety of sources (drawing on the course material presented in Week 3). These sources should include at least two (2) Key Informant Interviews (I can do this part), as well as statistical secondary sources.


Include information about the community’s assets paying closest attention to assets that might be useful in your intervention plan. These might include existing social services organizations, major employers, institutions of higher learning, high levels of community participation, etc.


Identify the target problem or issue that you will address, and provide your assessment of the problem size and scope, causes of the problem and issues you need to pay attention to as you develop your intervention/advocacy plan. You will also want to discuss:

How social policies affect this community;

What issues of social, economic, and cultural justice affect this community; and
Existing social services and how they meet the needs of the community.

The paper must be between 5-7 double-spaced pages long, PLUS at least one page of tables, a cover page, and a reference page.

Links for resources – You may use as many or as few of these resources as you like, or other resources as appropriate. I didn’t want to leave you with no resources, but these are likely too many for the paper. Here you go:


Here is a key reference and resource needed to use: (use any of the other link tabs on this page)


Sexuality Bill of Rights for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities –


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