Finance in management and leadership Assignment


You have decided to set up a business (of your choosing) with your friend who has recently resigned from a local company as a business manager for the last 5 years. Your friend has always wanted to start a business with you due to your passion for entrepreneurism and knowledge in accounting and finance. Your friend has asked you to carry out a feasibility study and produce a financial plan for next 3 years for the business.


You are required to produce a detailed written Financial Plan for the new business (3000 words maximum excluding references/ appendices) that identifies and analyses the organisation, in terms of its financial activities, in the following areas:

• Breakeven Analysis

• Projected Profit and loss
• Projected Cash flow
• Projected Balance Sheet
• Financial Ratios

1. Explain the financial context for contemporary organisations.

2. Critically discuss how financial information is communicated with stakeholders.
3. Identify key financial data and information from an organisation perspective and apply appropriate accounting techniques
4. Interpret the results of financial data and explain their relevance to organisational stakeholders
5. Assess the limitations of accounting principles and assumptions and how financial techniques may need to be supplemented with other approaches.
6. Apply appropriate accounting techniques to create a financial plan for an organisation.

When developing your assignments, always consider following:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

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