Augustine, Confessions – Reflection Paper


3 pages each; 20 pts each

This course, and our ongoing conversation, is facilitated through attention to the texts we read. Unfortunately, it is impossible to go through each text word for word or thought for thought, especially with 36 of us in the classroom together. These reflection papers are an opportunity for you to engage the readings on your own and allow them to help you think through what we’re talking about in class. The point of these short papers is to show that you have read these texts carefully and seriously, and have understood their significance for studying theology.

In each reflection paper, you should focus on the prompts below—but you should also take time to point out and discuss any aspect of the readings that stood out to you as important and significant, or confusing and strange—did something stick with you? make you uncomfortable or offend you? resonate with or inspire you?

Augustine, Confessions. Due March 20. We read Augustine’s Confessions in the middle of our exposition of the biblical worldview. How does Augustine’s own life—especially in books 1 and 2—reflect the biblical story of creation and sin? How does Augustine reflect on redemption and the life he finds in Christ? What difference does the transformative power of Christ make in his life? How does this make him “odd”? Can you see any similarities between Augustine and Boethius? Any and all of these questions are open to reflection in this paper, but you should try to relate Augustine to the other things we’ve read in class— biblical, Boethius, or others.


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