The Age of Absolutism essay/assignment

The Age of Absolutism saw a many different rulers come to power in Europe. In the years that have passed, history has judged these rulers, some favorably and others in a much more negative light. For this end of unit assessment, you are going to choose one of the rulers listed below:

ℵ Peter the Great 1672 – 1725 (Russia)
ℵ Catherine the Great 1729 – 1796 (Russia)
ℵ Louis XIV 1638 – 1715 (France)
ℵ Philip II 1527 – 1598 (Spain) ℵ Charles I 1600 – 1649 (England)
ℵ Elizabeth I 1558 -1603 (England)
ℵ Maria Theresa 1740 -1780 (Austria)
ℵ Frederick William I 1713 – 1740 (Prussia)

You will complete the following information on the ruler you have chosen:

Introduction (15 Points)
• Briefly describe the state of the country prior to the rise of the ruler
• Explain how and when the ruler came to power

Body (45 Points)
• Describe at least two ways the ruler used absolute power to maintain control
• Explain three positive aspects the ruler’s absolute power had on the nation
• Explain three negative aspects the ruler’s absolute power had on the nation

Conclusion (15 Points)
• Explain how the ruler lost power and who took over
• Briefly describe the state of the country at the end of the ruler’s reign

Bibliography (15 Points)
• You must document at least 3 sources for your information using MLA format (Wikipedia may only be used to guide your search – it may not be cited)
• You may use any recognized bibliographical formatting that you choose

To complete the above, you must use complete sentences. There is not a minimum or maximum length required for this paper, but it should be at least 5 paragraphs. Your paper must be typed and double-spaced.

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