Biographical essay

Choose a Texas Governor, any Governor (current or past). Write a short biographical essay of your chosen governor. You should include:
1. Where he or she was born.
2. Where he or she was educated.
3. What affect (if any) might where he or she was born and educated may have had on their political ideology.
4. Party affiliation?
5. Significant legislative development during his/her administration(s)
6. Significant legislative battles during his/her administration(s)
* 12 pt font
* 1.5 spacing
* 500 minimum word count
* Appropriate in-text citations where necessary
* At least 2 bibliographic references
This is due on the 24th

Electoral Politics
This Discussion Post requires you to do a bit of research using, at minimum, the links below.
In less than 500 words write a commentary on the historic event of re-redistricting the congressional district map of Texas after redistricting had already been done in 2001. The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court, and some say paved the way for a permanent Republican majority in the Texas State Legislature, and a Republican Majority in the US Congress at a time when some very controversial expansions of Federal power were made into law. Your commentary is meant to exhibit that you acquired a familiarity with the issue and have developed a position supporting or condemning the occurrence.

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