“A Doll House” Essay

Assignment for Essay #3

Write a 3-5 page essay (double-spaced) on A Doll House

The final draft is due on the last day of class, Dec. 1.

A Doll House

Is this a feminist play?

I.                Preparation.

Questions to consider: (might be helpful when outlining)

  1. Ibsen himself said, when asked, that “whatever I have written has been without any conscious thought of making propaganda” on what was then known as “the Woman Question.”  How should we interpret this statement?

  1. How far can we safely generalize from Nora’s experience?  That is, does she represent all women, or just women of a certain class in a certain place and time, or is she more a specific person with an individual problem?

  1. What statements do people in the play make about women’s roles in society? Which of these seem to represent the author’s opinion?  How can we tell?

Read the play and take notes with these questions in mind!

II.              Outline: Construct a thesis that expresses your opinion on whether this is a feminist play.  List the main reasons you believe this is true.  Also list the main reasons others might disagree, and explain how you would respond to these arguments.  Arrange all these pro and con points in order to get the opposition dealt with as early as possible, and to build to your strongest argument.

Now, select brief passages from the play to support your point.  Place them in the appropriate section of your outline.

III.            Draft.  When you write the draft, use the introduction to explain the issue.  Use transitions to mark progress from point to point in the argument.  Explain any quotations and explain how they relate to your thesis.

IV.            Documentation.  Be sure all quotations, paraphrases, and other specific references to the source are cited in MLA style.

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