The purpose of this assignment is for you to read about and reflect on what professionalism and professional boundaries are as related to the nursing profession. Utilize APA formation for scholarly writing.
Guidelines: 1. Write a scholarly paper using APA format(including Title page, in text citations, Reference page.) 2. Text of paper must be between approximately 3 – 4 pages. (excluding title page and reference page) 3. References may include ANA Code of Ethics with interpretive statements, position statements on professional boundaries, NCSBN professional boundaries position statement, the course text, and other appropriate references. (So you will have a min of 3 or 4 references).
Due: See Course Schedule and Moodle Site for the Course
Possible points: 30 total– see rubric below. Address each item for total points.
Criteria Points
Thinking about your personal values – how are your values consistent with what you have learned thus far about the values of the profession of nursing and those needed to demonstrate “professionalism”? 3
Define what “professional boundaries” are as related to nursing practice. 3
Discuss one hypothetical situation that could affect you professionally, along with the repercussions of a breach of professionalism/professional boundaries in relation to this situation. 10
Identify at least 3 ways to maintain your professionalism and/or professional boundaries as you move forward in your nursing career. 6
Correct use of APA for paper format, in text citations, Reference list 5
Scholarly writing: – ie: grammar, sentence spelling, sentence structure, 3
Fall, 2012; Fall 2015 ec; Spring 2016 ec

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