Adult Nursing Essay

Adult nursing provides an opportunity of having a chance of making a difference to people of all ages who suffer from short or long term physical health condition i.e. accidents injuries, diabetes, cancer, heart problems etc. presenting a challenge and reward at the same time. Basically if provides a self-driven career since the attention adult nurse needs to provide for the patient determines the progress and recovery either physically and psychologically. From my placement I got to see how adult nursing needs dedication being a witness to elderly patient suffering from falls and also amputees due to accidents, this opportunity provided a mind opening experience of what entails in the patient nurse relation for the recovery of the patient. This is through their roles in administering and reviewing medication, assessing and planning of care to the patient, documenting all the information done to the patient for better treatment. Specifically adult nurses help doctors in administering physical examinations, taking measures of blood pressure and breath rates while giving drugs and injections, taking care of cleaning and dressing wounds and operating medical equipment’s of high technology hence with all these roles it provides the picture that it’s a career of dedication and passion which entails patience, understanding and ability to work under pressure with utmost sensitivity.

Adult nursing as a profession entails good listening and communication skills, a caring mind a with counseling, teaching and advising of patients , a team player for better coordination with doctors and other medical practitioners and proper judgments. All this need to be considered since in the placement in St. Georges I got to witness the way a nurse relates to the patient where some have fear a good example is a Mrs. Smith who experienced a fall and was injured and walking was difficult. In this scenario the adult nurse who doubles as my mentor had to take care with caution while cleaning the wounds of Mrs. Smith with counseling and proper communication as the patient had psychological and emotion fears of ever walking again or if she walked the same fall would reoccur.

Ethically adult nurses should practice accountability and confidentiality as the profession entails. In accordance to the code of nursing and midwifery which touches on key issues like: preserving safety, practicing nursing effectively and promoting professionalism and trust adult nurses have to comply with matters of confidentiality since this will enable the nurse earn the trust of the patient. With a trusted relation the patient is open and communication is enhanced because the patient feels safe to communicate the progress of the treatment and recovery. It is expected that the nurse to effectively communicate and document on the progress of the patient, this was evident in my placement as record of medication and progress was a priority in the recovery of the patient. Taking an example that was observed in the placement where a patient was taking laxatives but was not helping in the opening of the bowels. My mentor who had to take note of the drug chart and saw that we was taking the laxatives for a while with no expected results, this prompted her to consult with the doctor on administering something stronger this shows accountability, consent by consulting the doctor, team work and care that adult nursing entails.

The patient maybe under traumatizing ordeal like loss of a part of their body this occurs mainly in accidents where one can be amputated or a part of the body losing its function. In such a situation the patient is may need help in baths like having bed baths and also since that is not the way he/she was born and has to change the life style and adapt to the a new way of leaving. Confidentiality comes in play as the patient may not want this non-functioning part of their body not to be known especially the unseen parts like a good example is sensitive parts like the genital or lack of sensory nerves. The patient wouldn’t like such issues to be discussed without his/her consent to anyone outside the know circle unlike doctors and health practitioners. If trust is gained between the patient and adult nurse then issues to do with confidentiality the patients knows it is safe to keep the condition a secret, this is also highlighted in the code of nurses that confidentiality should be emulated. Furthermore the patient would not be at liberty to share the progress of the treatment if you went on as a nurse talking to anyone about his/her condition.

The consent of the patient on any procedure or medication should be put in consideration since the patient decision on what should be done on him/her directly affects the treatment and recovery of the patient (Consent to Treatment, 2014). Nurses should not make decision on patient behalf in relation to procedures without requesting the patient and briefing the patient on the outcome to win the trust and confidence that the patient highly requires for recovery. Also this extents to medication to be administered to the patient since some medication requires the doctors and health practitioners’ opinion on the matter, a nurse is required to work as a team with both patients and doctors and doing actions that infringe in any way these two then he/she is liable to punishment for wrong diagnosis, this shows the challenges that nurses should work with guided by the code of nurses and midwifery council.

The example of the patient am going to use is Mrs. Smith as early mentioned she was elderly woman who experienced a fall, first the fall had an effect on Mrs. Smith way of leaving by infringing on her privacy and independence but the fall made her undergo an operation on her hip, because she was used to be independent but after the fall she had to depend on someone. This also affected her privacy since she always needed someone by her side and could not do things like baths for herself and had to have bed baths which made her very venerable since not everyone maybe confortable with exposing her body to the view of unknown persons. But since she could not be able to do it for her own as before made her to get used to it, this has a definite psychological effect on her since her independence an privacy were like literary snatched from her as a result of the fall.

Mrs. Smith was limited to motion in that she could not move due to her condition and this affected her not only psychological but socially too since being used to moving from one place to the other like in the house sitting to eat, cooking at the kitchen, moving to watch TV and going to her bed to sleep, but now you are confined in one place which in a bed lying motionless having to be turned by a help of a nurse to prevent soars. This had significant effect on her socially given the fact that she was limited only to that bed and could not move around as she used to at home. This also shows that her physical well-being was affected she had legs that would walk around and had no wound but the fall made her have a wound from surgery that was performed on her leg and this made her not to move and do what she was used to do for herself like baths, cooking or walking for fitness.

Definitely the fall made Mrs. Smith lose her confidence and how she used to act on things before given that she thinks she could undergo the same ordeal if she tried moving ever again. Also the need to have someone on her side every time she wants to do something with the fear of falling if she tries doing it on her own. This shows the physical, social and psychological change that she has to deal with.

The task and roles that an adult nurse performs are of great impact and crucial for the well-being of the patient, all care done to the patient to assist in treatment process until recovery is of great importance given the fact that most of these patients their lives have been affected socially, psychologically and emotionally. When handling the patient as a nurse it should be known that the patient is in a fragile situation where the action done to him/her will have a great impact on the patient progress in life. At such a point is where the real task of nurse blossoms, the input and effort of the nurse where proper and great care given to the patient will have an impact on his/her profession and the patient’s recovery. As observed during my placement in St George’s hospital in the trauma ward where people suffering from falls and amputees are, it gave a clear picture with how my mentor was taking care of Mrs. Smith a casualty of a fall that really affected her well-being.

As an adult nurse she had to make certain that the patient was safe and also consent from the patient to change dressing if need be. The taking care of Mrs. Smith’s wound was a process that needed good care during dressing, the process of changing was not easy for the patient hence the patient consent was needed because if she declines the nurse would have to check and convince her without reasonable doubt that it was important to change. The nurse has to work in the patient’s best interest, which shows that the patients interest has to be considered always in every situation that occurs (The mental capacity act 2005). Hygiene is important for the nurse as seen in the placement since my mentor had to be putting gloves which was to be worn according to the type of wound and an apron in order to abide to the infection control rules. A good example is if a nurse is trying to work aseptically then whatever she is using has to be sterile involving sterile gloves and equipment in wound cleaning this is done to prevent any sought of infection (Nursing: Wound care). Also I observed that once consent was affirmed and with full knowledge of what was safe for Mrs. Smith the nurse had to assess the would fast to come up with the perfect way to go about it so as to make sure that the wound was not inflamed around it (treating wounds and relieving pain). This shows that different wounds have different ways of treatment and as a nurse you should be knowledgeable on the best way to treat the wound. Taking an example of a being allergic to some type of dressing this shows that the wound would take a long duration of time to heal, equaling to a longer hospital stay or an infection to the wound. So as a nurse it is important to make an informed decision that will be in the best interest of the patient’s well-being and recovery. Going ahead to ask a patient on the wound’s progress by>>>>Get a similar and complete paper




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