MLA Essay sample; Compare and contrast the development of Virginia and Mass. Bay

PROMPT: Using the analytic variables provided in posted lecture, compare and contrast the development of Virginia and Mass. Bay (social, political, economic, cultural institutions) EXPLAINING the differences you identify.

Virginia and Mass. Bay were both British colonies with Virginia being established in the year 1607 and Virginia twenty years later. The colonialists came into these two colonies with different interests. The primary objective of colonizing Virginia was for economic gain wile Massachusetts was occupied by puritans for religious reasons. The British sent noblemen to Virginia to work for the London Company. One of the greatest challenges of working in Virginia was the hardship and harsh working conditions which made of most of the noblemen to die. John Smith who was the founding father of the colony had the discipline that most of these noble men lacked.

The economy of Virginia was mainly based on the growth of tobacco, which was sold to the British. The local settlers heavily depended on slave labor and indentured servants. The major challenge to this was the fact that at times the crops did not do well due to adverse climatic conditions. Unlike the colonial masters in Massachusetts the puritans grew a variety of crops that they could trade with Native Americans hence they had a relatively stable economy.

The social structure of Virginia was also very unstable since they the indentured servants and the black slaves lived in very deplorable conditions hence their existed tensions between the low class and the masters. A law that allowed the indentures servants at the end of their seven years contract made things even worse. Bacon the leader of these indentured servants encouraged them to attack the neighboring communities. At the end of it all the indentured servants ended up attacking Jamestown.

Compared to Virginia, Massachusetts had a relatively more organized social and government structure. The puritans were mostly native British men who were either exiled or had left the church in England due to its corrupt ways. They were many as compared to the noblemen in Virginia hence a larger population. They formed their own administrative structure, which was known, as the mayflower compact (Robert A. Divine). It was the first self-government in >>>>>GET Complete and Custom essay

Work cited

Robert A. Divine, America: Past and Present, Volume 1 (10th Edition). Pearson, 2012.


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