Ideological origins of the American Revolution

Discuss the ideological origins of the American Revolution. How did ideas (secular and religious) combine with social conflict and “class” tensions to make a revolution? How “revolutionary” was the War for Independence?

The American evolution was as a result of the colonists questioning the intrusion by Great Britain into their progress. It erupted into armed conflict in the year 1775. The political upheaval that occurred in the thirteen colonies lead to the formation of the United States of American after the British were overthrown. The armed conflict ended in 1783 but the young American nation had a bigger task to set up a government.

Independence was the beginning of Americas’ problems as the country faced an uphill task of forming a government. The country was debt ridden without an effective foreign policy. The colonial master Britain expected imminent collapse from the young nation.

The Anglo-American colonists were for the idea that the government was to serve the people. This was the same idea that was held by the British monarch.

Upon the formation of the government in the year 1764 Prime Minister George Grenville passed a taxation law that was aimed to raise revenue. The stamp act was passed and it did not go down well with the populace.

According to (Zinn) the American Revolution was a work of the founding fathers after they realized that by forming a nation they could fight the oppressive nature of the colonial master. For example in response to the taxation act the sons of liberty were formed. To make sure that these British laws were unenforceable they resulted into demonstrations and boycotts. Several acts of violence were recorded and the epitome by the sons of liberty was sending nine delegates to the Stamp Act in

New York in October 1765.

Another ideology that spurred the American Revolution was the fear by the American to turn into what they termed as the rotten mother England. According to (Gordon) “the more the Americans remained under the colonial master England the higher the chance of getting contaminated”. A brochure by Thomas Paine urged the American people to replace the monarchy with a republic.

The revolution had different outcomes since not all the people favored it. The lower groups such as the slaves and the poor in the society did not feel the immediate impact of the revolution. Some religious groups such as the Anglican Church of America could not continue existing since the head of the church was under the British Monarch. Conclusively the American Revolution had effects that were felt way long into the>>>>>> Get a complete and similar custom essay

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