A competitor Analysis of Apple Inc – APA Paper sample

Apple has managed to dominate the personal computer industry by innovation hence managing to succeed in a path that is different from most computer manufacturers. The company has remained unique in the market in that it is the only technology giant that has capitalized on selling computer hardware. When the company launched its first iPhone in 2007, the market was much less competitive. Most of the existing companies tried to make Knock off devices that were rejected in the market.

The company has dominated the smartphone market; it retained 93% of the profits in the market for the last Quarter of 2015. The company made $53.4B in profits the year 2015 despite a slow start on it new product the iWatch (Titcomb, 2015).

Several strategic moves have been undertaken by its competitors that if Apple also adopted could prove to be opportunistic.

One thing that Apple is lacking is a lack of being social. Most Technology giants have invested heavily in social platforms enabling them to take advantage of the evolution in the industry. This does not necessarily mean that the company should entirely own a social media platform, but having a strategic partnership with big time influencers would go a long way for the enterprise. A good example would have been Twitter as depicted by the close relationship between the two companies in the integration of the Twitter application in iOs5. Despite critics seeing this as non-beneficial to Twitter, Apple would stand to benefit a lot.

Another move that has been adopted by most of its competitors is the provision of Internet services. Despite slow absorption of MobileMe and AppleMaps the company should invest more in providing Internet services as the battle by mobile operating systems tightens (Beavis, 2012).

In the provision of Internet services the company does not need to be the first in the market but curve a strategic niche that it can exploit. A good way to achieve this would have been by acquiring some of the Internet service providers. If Apple had managed to buy Yahoo before Verizon, this would have been a very strategic partnership. Yahoo has several Internet services such as the Yahoo property market that were doing well.

One department has seen rising competition is the music sales on iTunes. The Samsung Napster 2.0 platform was to rivals iTunes by provides unlimited downloads and the same services that iTunes offers. The best way Apple can neutralize such threats is to maintain the quality of its product iTunes. Most people have always been skeptical about the use of free services. Despite this being a threat the company can turn it into an opportunity. This can be achieved by diversifying the iTune platform, by incorporating more services hence they maintaining customer loyalty. This also makes it harder for competitors to make any substantial impact o the market when they launch new products.

Another rising threat is the existence cheaper and more convenient cloud services as compared to the iCloud. When Apple launched icloud the service was marred by inconsistencies and downtime. This made large cloud service user doubt if Apple had the capacity to manage high data volumes. Apple at some point tried to buy Dropbox a deal that would have seen the company gain more confidence in most customers who use cloud services. As Klif Leswing states in his article “Why Apple should buy Dropbox”, the company needs someone who is well versed with the cloud storage market and can work independently (Leswing, 2016). This could also see Apple launch itself in the Internet services market successfully like its competitors such Google and Microsoft.

Apple is also facing a rise in competitor copying programs. A real case scenario is Future Power USA, which has copied the iMac and is reselling it (Hamilton, 1999). The company>>>>>> Get a similar Custom and complete paper admin@phwriters.net


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